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What To Write To A Soldier Overseas

Written by
Amber Hobert
Published on
September 16, 2022
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Armed Forces Pen Pal

Writing to soldiers is a great thing to do, considering their job involves a lot of sacrifices so that we can live peacefully and safely. Therefore, spending a bit of your time to appreciate their services is a great idea. Unfortunately, not all deployed soldiers have someone to write to them, which could get quite lonely.

Luckily, you can write to soldiers who might not have friends or relatives thanks to groups committed to ensuring that the troops are taken care of. If you have decided to write letters to soldiers posted overseas, be it to a family member, friend, or stranger, the next question that comes to mind is what to write.

Well, that is something many people struggle with, so you are not alone. This is especially true when writing to a stranger, as it can be pretty challenging to think about relatable content that they would want to hear. However, worry not, as we've got you.

This article will provide you with some tips that could help you write a fantastic letter and make a soldier's day. Then, who knows, you might get yourself an armed forces pen pal.

Tips On Writing To Soldiers Overseas

Handwritten letters are always worth it

Whether you are writing your letter to a stranger or family member who has been posted overseas, you intend to connect with the reader. Therefore, you should consider sending a handwritten one. With handwritten letters, you must be sure to write in legible writing so the reader does not have to struggle to make out your handwriting.

However, this is not set in stone so typing out a letter is still acceptable, although handwritten ones are bound to evoke better emotions. This is to say that a handwritten letter will have the reader feeling more loved and special.

Start by introducing yourself

When you are writing to a stranger, it's good to start with the details about yourself. This allows the reader to acquaint themselves with you and creates a bond. For instance, if you are a student in college, you could begin the letter with a brief introduction of what your name is, your age, your major, and where your school is. Regardless of the direction you take, including a few details about yourself will warm the reader up to you.

Ask your kids to write something

Kids' writing might not be legible enough, but they always have that sweet touch that can make anyone smile. So, if you have young kids at home, you should ask them to also write something to the soldiers. This way, they will also understand how vital the army is for a country and how much they sacrifice for us. Plus, it will make a soldier's day when he reads a cute letter from a kid.

Use cheerful and informal salutation

Don't worry about being too friendly in the letter. In fact, that should be your aim when writing to a soldier. Considering how lonely being posted overseas gets, they would surely want to read a friendly letter that would make them feel at home. So that means you can also use friendly salutations—for example, Dear Great Soldier, among others.

Avoid being too formal

Some people might talk too formally in a letter, which you should definitely avoid. Formal letters are not the type of thing that makes a person's day. Therefore, write as you would if you were writing to a friend. If you're sending your letter to someone specific, talk to them as your loved one. Even if you're sending it as a general letter to a stranger in the armed forces, you would still want to be loving because that is what is missing from a soldier's life.

Avoid writing on political or serious topics

Serious debates and political discussions happen everywhere. In fact, that must be something our soldiers talk about most of the time. As a result, they wouldn't want to hear you talking about politics or sharing your views about religions, etc. So, take a moment to think of and write about something different. Choosing a topic that will not hurt anyone's feelings and make them feel awkward after reading your letter is important.

Inform them of the state of things back home

Writing to a relative or friend is not complicated because updating them on what is currently happening at home is automatic as you probably share your town or residence. Therefore, you could let them in on any new happenings at home or in your town.

In the same vein, if you are writing to a stranger, you probably don't share the same home or town. Luckily, you do share the same country and similar traditions, which is the overarching factor. Therefore, you could write about something exciting that will happen in the country they could relate to. You also have the option to share basic ongoing stuff that makes that soldier feel like he's reading about his own home.

Share light-hearted stories

Instead, you could simply write about personal stories like your last awkward date or some fun family stuff. You could also share some lively stories about your friends and make the soldiers feel good about life.

End with a thank you

Now, the reason you have decided to write a letter to soldiers is basically to appreciate them. As a result, you must not end your letter without telling them how much their services mean to you by including a paragraph thanking them for what they do. You could also attach a simple thank you note with your letter to make it more memorable.

A care package goes a long way

This is not a requirement, but why not include a care package if you can? While some organizations collect items from a general list, others look for specific items, frequently at the soldier's request. You could also inquire about particular products your soldier would like to receive in your letter exchanges.

Sending the letter

Now that you have completed the letter, it is time to send it. But how does one send a letter to a soldier deployed overseas? Firstly, you will need to acquire a mail forwarding address. This is so your letter has a destination. However, if this is confusing, get in touch with a mail forwarding company to assist you.

Go On, Write To A Troop Overseas

As already established, writing to a troop overseas is a fantastic thing to do. Therefore, you must do it right. Ensure that you write your letter in a way that really makes sense and touches the heart of the person reading it, and they will genuinely appreciate your effort.

You also need to understand that you should never expect a reply and neither should you ask for one in your letter. Deployed soldiers are influential people with essential tasks. So, you would certainly not want them to feel bad about not being able to write back by including expectations of a reply.

We hope the tips provided in this article prove helpful as you write a fantastic letter to an amazing person! However, if you are confused about how to send the letter, you can always use a professional mail forwarding company. They are familiar with all types of mail forwarding, whether it be written or virtual mail.

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