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How To Send Care Packages To Troops Abroad

Written by
Amber Hobert
Published on
January 3, 2023
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Sending care packages to troops during deployment is an excellent way to boost morale. You can also include a veteran's quotation to make it worthwhile. Looking to support a military family member or simply want to show troops how much you appreciate them? This article has all the information you need to easily send care packages to troops and other military personnel overseas. 

Steps To Send Care Packages To Troops Abroad

Step One: Get the address of the deployment

It will include the military unit as well as several numbers. Instead of a city and state, APO AE or APO AP is more appropriate. If you don't know a service member but would like to send a package to one, you can go to AnySoldier.com to find the name and overseas post office address of service members who have asked for it.

The other alternative is to choose a company to perform it for you. They take donations and orders and give the money and goods to service members who need them the most.

Step Two: Shop for appropriate themes

You can save time and money by shopping online for a theme that fits your budget and reflects the service member's interests. Most of the time, shipping costs are added to your total when you check out. Remember that the standard "military discount flat pricing" for self-shipped items is $18 per box. Better deals and cost savings are also to be had when shopping online.

Step Three: Add an encouraging note

Most companies allow you to customize your package, which is a lovely addition. If you're sending a care package to an unknown service member, you can still say something inspiring or thank them for their service.

Step Four: Add the APO address

Don't put a country name like Yemen or Syria because all APO addresses are treated as if they are in the United States and handled as if they are U.S. addresses. (You do not need an address or a specific unit to donate; simply follow the instructions on the website.)

Step Five: Wait for it to arrive

Depending on the military delivery company, this can range from a few days to weeks.

Ideas For Military Packages To Send Overseas

Seasonal products

Even though the military gives our service members what they need, a few small changes can improve their lives. In a country like Somalia, where it is usually hot, it may be better to drink hydration drink mixes than water that is too clean. In the same way, long underwear, gloves, wool socks, watch caps, hand warmers, and other warm clothes can help keep you warm in places where winter can be cold.

Hopefully, this list is helpful, but if in doubt, remember to send lightweight items that will not perish, spill, or break in transportation. Ensure the information you share is helpful to the recipient(s). You should avoid overloading the supply and mail lines at all costs.


Many military members enjoy picking up a good book during their downtime, whether on base or away. The greatest items to include in care packages for the troops are novels, recent magazines, comics, and even puzzle or game books. There are copious ways to get books for them without spending much.

For instance, many people collect books, read them, and then give them away. To get book recommendations, you might put out a call for contributions through various social media channels. A local library is another fantastic resource to see if they are clearing out any books. Books that are always on sale can be found in secondhand stores.

The trick is to buy paperbacks rather than hardcovers because of how heavy the latter may make a package. Magazines are also helpful because they keep service members up to date on what's happening worldwide. As a bonus, they may find comfort in the magazine if they struggle with a particular issue.

Reading a gamebook is a great way for military members to take their minds off their duties for a moment. Don't forget who you're sending to. A box of home décor magazines is not an appropriate care package for an infantry company. Bring things up to date!


The coffee package is one of the best ideas for military care packages you can think of. It is common knowledge that military men and women enjoy coffee. Long duty hours are standard during deployments, and coffee plays a crucial role in the field. There are already numerous military-focused coffee brands on the market.

Try discussing it with some coffee brands and informing them of your intentions. You may be able to obtain free samples to distribute to troops overseas. However, these coffee brands are approached concerning the same topic multiple times per month, so much will depend on the quality of your pitch.

Coffee comes in many different flavors, so it's essential to keep a variety on hand so everyone can find something they like. Many coffee lovers like French vanilla, espresso, pecan, ultra-caffeinated, cinnamon, black, and French roast coffee.

Also, be sure to include filters for various coffee makers, and if you have the funds or a generous donor, send whole-bean coffee and grinders. A freshly brewed cup of ground coffee in the morning is a sure way to create a memorable experience.

Couriers For Care Packages To Troops Overseas

Paid services


You can send care packages from Amazon anywhere in the world, including to an APO address. With Prime, you only pay for the products themselves, and shipping is always free. Remember to pick a snack that everyone will love from their many tasty options.

Hero Care Packages

This organization, which a former Navy officer started, solves care package problems by sending items overseas that troops want and need. Choose from themes like meat snacks, workouts, and chocolate and coffee.


The goal of Troopster.org is to help military personnel by sending them care packages with food and other items. There are packages available for various branches of service and deployment scenarios. The organization makes it simple to give care packages to unknown troops.

When they get donations, they distribute care packages at no cost. Each year, their volunteer packing events pack tons of boxes for shipment overseas to the most deserving military units. Visit their website to learn more about how to donate, volunteer, or order a care package for a service member.

Free services

The U.S.O.

The USO offers deployed troops free food and hygiene care package kits. The pouch features a M.O.L.L.E. mechanism for simple attachment to military equipment. An authorized unit representative can fill out a form to request the service.

Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude is a nonprofit group that gives more than 300,000 free care packages to service members, first responders, injured heroes, and caregivers annually. They organize collecting drives, letter-writing campaigns, and care package packing events to maximize their influence. Help their efforts by contributing.


To provide our troops with a taste of home, Hershey has partnered with the USO to include free chocolate in care packages. Shipping chocolate treats can be tricky for several reasons, especially in warmer climates like the desert, where they risk melting.

Hershey, on the other hand, has chosen M&Ms and other candies that statistically have a lower chance of getting broken during shipping. They no longer send care packages to each soldier, but you can still help their partnership with the USO by sending great notes to troops.

Soldiers' Angels

Soldiers' Angels give deployed troops a range of care packages, cards, and assistance. Their Angel Bakers will bring freshly baked sweets to faraway warriors.

Talk To A Military Or Expat Mail Forwarding Agency

A military care package is one of the thoughtful ways you can help say thank you to our gallant servicemen and women (military spouses, friends, etc.). They sacrifice their lives and safety to ensure that we are protected from external invasion and help ensure global peace and stability.

So, we all must try as much as we can to appreciate these brave men and women once in a while by sending a military care package to troops overseas. You can talk to a military or expat mail forwarding agency or your local post office for help figuring out how to send these packages to them. It is a worthwhile way to appreciate their military life.

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