How To Keep Your Mail Safe While Traveling

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Amber Hobert
Published on
July 9, 2024
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Traveling offers excitement, adventure, and a break from the routine but raises concerns about the safety of your home and possessions. Among the often-overlooked aspects of travel security is the protection of your mail. Neglecting mail security can lead to missed bills, essential documents going astray, or even identity theft.

In this blog post, we'll guide you through the crucial steps to keep your mail safe while you're away from home. From pre-travel preparations to digital solutions and physical mail handling, we've got you covered, ensuring you can enjoy your travels with peace of mind.

Pre-Travel Preparation

Before you embark on your journey, a little pre-travel preparation can ensure the safety of your mail and your home. Here are the key steps to take:

Notify the post office or mail service

Contact your local post office or mailing service to discuss your travel plans. They often offer holding your mail or forwarding it to a temporary address. Opt for the choice that suits your needs best. Mail holding ensures that your mail accumulates safely until your return while forwarding routes it to a trusted location.

Choose a trusted person to handle your mail

Choosing a trustworthy friend, neighbor, or family member to handle your mail and perform mail-hold services can be invaluable. They can collect packages, check for any unexpected mail, and watch your home. This added layer of security ensures the comprehensive management of your mail while you're away.

Install security measures at your home

Outdoor lighting

Adequate outdoor lighting can deter potential intruders. Install motion-activated lights around entrances, pathways, and other vulnerable areas. Well-lit surroundings create a less inviting environment for would-be burglars.

Security cameras

Modern security camera systems offer remote monitoring capabilities. Install cameras strategically to cover critical areas of your property. Some systems even allow you to check in via a smartphone app, providing real-time updates on any unusual activity.

Locking mechanisms

Reinforce your home's security with robust locking mechanisms. Make sure that all doors and windows are securely locked before you leave. Consider upgrading to smart locks that remotely lock and unlock doors, providing an extra control layer.

Digital Mail Management

Managing your mail while traveling has become more convenient than ever in today's digital age. Here's how you can leverage digital solutions to keep your mail secure and accessible:

Sign up for virtual mailbox services

Switching to digital mail, such as a virtual mailbox, has numerous benefits. Firstly, it eliminates the concern of USPS mail forwarding accumulating at your door, a telltale sign of your absence to potential intruders. Secondly, adopting digital mail is environmentally friendly, reducing paper waste. Most notably, it allows you to access your mail globally with an internet connection.

Explore a range of trusted digital mailbox services like DakotaPost, Earth Class Mail, VirtualPostMail, and Traveling Mailbox. These platforms offer secure online interfaces for receiving, viewing, and virtually managing your mail, enhancing your mail-handling experience.

Set up email alerts for important mail

Configure your digital mailbox service to send email notifications when vital mail or packages arrive. This way, you'll be instantly alerted to critical documents or parcels requiring your attention. It's a proactive approach to staying informed about your incoming mail.

Use a VPN for secure online access

When accessing your digital mailbox or conducting any online transactions while traveling, always use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN encrypts your internet connection, making it significantly more challenging for hackers to intercept your data. This added layer of security ensures that your online interactions, including accessing your digital mail, remain private and protected.

Physical Mail Handling on the Road

While digital solutions can cover a significant portion of your mail management needs, there are times when you'll still receive physical mail. Here's how to handle it while you're on the road:

Forwarding mail to your temporary address

For travelers with a defined destination, arranging a change of address is wise. You can opt for temporary Post Office Boxes (PO Boxes) or establish a forwarding address. These choices guarantee that your mail is redirected to a secure location easily accessible at your convenience.

Alternatively, if a trusted friend or family member is willing, you can use their address to receive mail on your behalf. This change of address arrangement ensures your postal communications are handled reliably while you're away.

Enlist the help of a mail-forwarding service

Travelers often find mail forwarding services indispensable. Established companies such as DakotaPost, Earth Class Mail, and My RV Mail specialize in efficiently managing your mail while you're on the go. They receive your mail, perform scanning services, and offer you the flexibility to choose whether to have it forwarded, securely shredded, or stored.

This service proves especially beneficial for long-term travelers or individuals with unconventional travel schedules. It ensures you stay connected to your mail even when your journey takes you far from home.

Arrange for mail to be held at the local post office

Another option is to contact the local post office at your travel destination and inquire about mail-holding services. Many post offices offer short-term hold mail services, allowing you to collect your accumulated mail when you arrive. This can be especially practical if you stay in one location for an extended period.

Returning Home Safely

Your journey is ending, and it's time to transition back to your daily routine. Here's what you need to do to ensure a smooth return home:

Review your mail service arrangements

As you approach your return date, revisit the mail service arrangements you made before your trip. If you set up a mail forwarding or holding service, contact your post office or mail service provider to inform them of your return date. Ensure that they know when to resume regular mail delivery to your home.

Check for any missing or delayed mail

Upon your return, promptly check your mail to ensure no missing or delayed items. Occasionally, postal services may make errors in forwarding or holding mail, so confirming that everything has been received as expected is essential.

Resume routine mail delivery procedures

Once you've verified that all your mail has been successfully managed during your absence, you can resume your regular mail delivery procedures. Inform your trusted person, if applicable, that they are no longer responsible for handling your mail.

You can switch back to receiving physical mail at your home address using a digital mail service.

Reflect on the effectiveness of your mail security measures

Take a moment to reflect on the effectiveness of the mail security measures you implemented during your trip. Consider whether any adjustments or improvements could be made for future travel.

Did your chosen methods work well in keeping your mail safe and secure? Were there any issues or areas where you felt vulnerable? This reflection will help you fine-tune your mail security strategy for your next adventure.

How Does USPS Mail Hold Work?

USPS Mail Holds is a service that allows you to request a temporary pause in delivering your mail. It's beneficial when planning to be away from your residence for some time, such as during vacations, business trips, or home renovations. Here's how USPS Hold Mail works:

Requesting a mail hold

You can request a Mail Hold online through the USPS website, by visiting your local post office, or by filling out a PS Form 8076 (Authorization to Hold Mail) at the post office.

When requesting a hold online, you'll need to provide your contact information, delivery address, the start and end dates for the mail hold, and any special instructions.

Duration of mail hold

USPS Mail Hold can be requested for a minimum of three days and a maximum of 30 days. You can place another request if you need to extend the hold beyond 30 days.

Delivery options

  • Delivery: You can request that USPS deliver all the held mail to your address on the specified end date. They will deliver it in one bundle.
  • Pickup: You can select to pick up your held mail from your local post office in person during regular business hours.

Confirmation and verification

USPS will send a confirmation notice via email or physical mail to confirm your mail-hold request. This notice will include the start and end dates of the hold.

Cancellation or modification

You can modify or cancel your Mail Hold request before or during the hold period. You can do this online or by visiting your local post office.


USPS Mail Hold is generally a free service, but there may be a nominal fee if you submit your request at the post office rather than online.

Resuming regular delivery

On the specified end date of the hold, USPS will resume normal mail delivery to your address.

Consult a Mail Service Provider

Travel should be synonymous with adventure, not fretting about the safety of your mail delivery or the security of your home. By adhering to the steps mentioned in this guide, you can ensure the security of your mail and safeguard your important documents throughout your journeys.

From efficient digital mail management to implementing robust physical security measures, you have a comprehensive toolkit to travel with unwavering confidence.

So, don't limit your preparations to working with a moving company alone when planning your next trip.

Consult a reputable mail service provider, especially those offering informed delivery services, for expert guidance on managing your mail while you're away. Their specialists will provide valuable insights to ensure your mail delivery and grant you peace of mind on the road.

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