South Dakota Residency Services

The benefits of obtaining residency in South Dakota are second to none. Explore all the upsides down below!

What are the perks?

No state income tax
No pension tax
No state income tax on Social Security income
4% excise tax on net purchase of vehicles and RVs
No personal property tax
Low vehicle insurance rates
No intangible tax on investments
Low vehicle license fees
No annual vehicle inspection requirements

How to get started

If you have any questions about the steps below, please get in touch with our team and we'll happily walk you through them, every step! Start with this helpful article: How is State Residency Determined?

Sign Up for a Mail Forwarding Plan that suits you in order to get your address provided by DakotaPost first. We will provide you with a receipt showing that you will be a client of ours for the next year.

Stay at a local hotel or campground (include your name and the name of everyone listed on the mail forwarding plan, along with your new mailing address on the receipt) within the last year.

Visit the Department of Public Safety bring your two receipts with you, surrender your existing driver’s license, and get your new SD license with your new address on it.

Save money

If you are spending much of your time working or traveling overseas, why wouldn’t you consider establishing residency in a place that can save you money? This savings can give you more opportunities to spend money on the things you want to, instead of taxes and fees.

Make life easier

You will also be able to get your driver’s license, voter registration, and even open a bank account in the state, with our services. We make the process efficient and easy, so that you can travel and have your mail delivered worry-free. Contact us today to start saving money, and make your home in South Dakota.

Have questions? We can help!

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Residency Services FAQ's

+ Can I register to vote?

Yes, you can. Voter Registration forms are available through the South Dakota Secretary of State office or CLICK HERE to download the necessary forms. To register to vote, you will need to complete the South Dakota Voter Registration Form.

Your Voter Registration form with an original signature must be received by the auditor 15 days before any election if you wish to vote in that election. South Dakota law does not allow you to submit your voter registration form via fax or email.

Download the Voter Registration Form

+ Can I absentee vote?

If you are unable to attend your polling place in person on Election Day, you may be eligible to vote by absentee ballot. To vote by absentee ballot, a voter must request an absentee ballot application from your County Election Official. The County Election Official will send a paper absentee ballot to the voter. The voter then completes the ballot and returns it to the County Election Official.

Download the Absentee Ballot Application

+ What are the steps to obtain my South Dakota driver's license?

A) Appear in person at a SD Driver Testing Agency

B) Pass a Basic Vision Test, if over 65 years old a vision statement form is required.

C) Surrender your current valid Driver’s License

D) Bring Receipt demonstrating proof of a SD Mailing Address (request and we will provide this to you)

E) Bring Receipt of one night stay in SD (stay must be less than 1 year old)

F) Cost = $28 (cash only) and your license is valid for five years.

You can now renew your driver’s license through the mail.  You will still need to provide a copy of a receipt of your stay in South Dakota (receipt needs to be less than a year old).  This option will hopefully save you a trip back to South Dakota during the colder months!

You must bring one of the following items to prove identity, date of birth and lawful status:

Valid unexpired U.S. passport
Certified U.S. birth certificate
Valid unexpired permanent resident card
Valid unexpired employment authorization document
Certificate of Naturalization
Certificate of citizenship
Foreign passport with valid unexpired U.S. Visa with I-94

You must also bring one of the following items to serve as proof of your Social Security Number:

Social Security card
SSA 1099 Form
Non-SSA 1099 Form
W-2 Form Pay stub (must include name and social security number)

Please note if your last name is different on one of your IDs, you will need to provide the necessary documentation on why it is (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc).  You will also need to fill out a Residency Affidavit Form, available at all South Dakota Driver’s License station or download and print the form here.

What our amazing customers have to say!

Frank C

I'm incredibly impressed with how helpful and friendly the entire Dakota Post staff are

Ernie S

Courteous and competent staff. Very attentive to customer needs

Wayne and Diane H

“I was amazed at the personal care that the employees at DakotaPost showed when dealing with our absentee ballots this year.
Knowing they had thousands to handle it shocked me to know that they took the time to call and email with status on our ballots and ultimately got them delivered to us in a timely fashion.
This special care and extra touch that they showed is why we have remained a customer of DakotaPost over these many years. Their service level is outstanding!”

Edith B

I love the staff and their willingness to transport my mail to my location Nationwide as quickly as possible.

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