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Vehicle Registration Services

We make registering and insuring your car or RV easy since we have some of the lowest fees in the nation.
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Price of registration.............................................
$55 + Sales Tax
$105 + Sales Tax
$155 + Sales Tax
$205 + Sales Tax
$255 + Sales Tax
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(605) 332-3711

South Dakota has a variable fee structure for different types of vehicles, and we can help sort that out. You can call our office to schedule an appointment whether you want to visit us in person or take care of your vehicle registration over the phone. We’ll answer any questions you have at this point, or you can call us with questions before your scheduled appointment.

Contact us today at (605) 332-3711 — or (800) 477-2664 if you prefer a toll-free number.

What you'll need

Save time and money with our quick and easy vehicle registration process. Contact our team for any questions or if we can help at any step of the way!

For vehicles...

Owned less than 6 months

Certificate of Origin (for brand new vehicles) or title if used.
Lender name, address, loan number, and fax number for lender if vehicle is financed and dealership titled and paid the sales tax to state you purchased vehicle in.

South Dakota Verification of Tax Assessment by Out of State Dealer form completed by Dealership that collected Sales Tax and paid to any state other than South Dakota.
Purchase Agreement.
Odometer Disclosure (required for brand new vehicles).
One set Vehicle Registration forms for each vehicle from Dakota Post website.
Payment for the County Treasurer is always a Cashiers Check or Money Order. The County Treasurer will never accept a personal check for any transaction.
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For vehicles...

Owned longer than 6 months

Title, or lender name, address, loan number, and fax number of lender.
One set Vehicle Registration forms for each vehicle from Dakota Post website.
Payment for the County Treasurer is always a Cashiers Check or Money Order. The County Treasurer will never accept a personal check for any transaction.
For all motor homes, travel trailers, 5th wheels, and any kind of trailers you will need documentation of the UNLOADED VEHICLE WEIGHT, as this is what we will use to get license fees.
For Boats, ATV’s, UTV’s, and Leases, please call for forms
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Vehicle Registration FAQ's

+ Can you assist me in registering my vehicles?

Yes we can and we will! We can assist over the phone and through the mail, just be sure to be enrolled for our mail forwarding service, then contact us and schedule an appointment.

+ Do I have to get my vehicles inspected?

No, South Dakota does not require an annual vehicle inspection.

+ How do renewals work?

Your SD registration renewal month is based on the first letter of your last name:

A / B – January
C / D / E – February
F / G / J – March
H / I / O – May
K / L – June
M / N – July
P / Q / R – August
S – September
T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z – November

Example:  If your last name begins with “R,” your first request for your registration will be issued with an expiration/renewal in August. If you request to register in May, your plates will expire in August. The annual fee will be prorated for you on the first year so you will only pay for the few months of actual time (ie: May to August). Upon your renewal in August, it will then be a full year registration and will always be due to be renewed in August.

Contact Katherine at DakotaPost at 605.332.3711 to assist with your renewals if you have received your registration renewal card. If you do not receive a registration renewal card, you can renew online at www.sdcars.org.

+ Does the dealership have to do my registration?

NO.  In most cases, the dealership does not have to do your registration.

+ My vehicle is financed and the bank has the title. Can I register this vehicle in Dakota without this title?

The State requires titles for all vehicle registrations. We can write to the lender for your title.  At the time of the appointment (either by phone or in person) with vehicle registration, you will need to have the lender name and address, your loan or account number, and a fax number or email address where the letter requesting the title be sent to South Dakota can be sent.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the title to be sent from the lender to South Dakota. We will write the letter and send same day of the appointment.  We can only write for the title and must allow 30 days before we can send a 2nd request.  We cannot call the lender, but you can.

+ Can I register my vehicle anywhere in the State?

No. Vehicles must be registered in the same County as your address.

+ What is unloaded vehicle weight, and why do I need it?

Unloaded vehicle weight (sometimes called dry, curb, or shipping) is the weight of the vehicle when it came off the line at the factory. South Dakota uses this weight to calculate the license fees.  Documentation of this weight is needed for all motorhomes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, and any and all trailers.  Most times documentation can be found in the vehicle itself on a specification sticker in the unit.

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I'm incredibly impressed with how helpful and friendly the entire Dakota Post staff are

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Courteous and competent staff. Very attentive to customer needs

Wayne and Diane H

“I was amazed at the personal care that the employees at DakotaPost showed when dealing with our absentee ballots this year.
Knowing they had thousands to handle it shocked me to know that they took the time to call and email with status on our ballots and ultimately got them delivered to us in a timely fashion.
This special care and extra touch that they showed is why we have remained a customer of DakotaPost over these many years. Their service level is outstanding!”

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I love the staff and their willingness to transport my mail to my location Nationwide as quickly as possible.

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