Traditional Mailbox Forwarding

Forward your physical mail to DakotaPost, and we will mail it to you wherever you are.



+$25 activation fee & $100 postage deposit



+$25 activation fee & $100 postage deposit



+$25 activation fee & $100 postage deposit



+$25 activation fee & $100 postage deposit



+$25 activation fee & $100 postage deposit



+$25 activation fee & $100 postage deposit



+$25 activation fee & $100 postage deposit



+$25 activation fee & $100 postage deposit

How it works

It's easy!

1. Sign Up for a plan that suits you

2. Fill in our 3 simple forms so we can set up your account

3. Login to your online portal to manage your mail forwarding

How does the online portal work?

By logging in to your online portal you can change your address or if you opt for our Virtual Mailbox Forwarding service, you can decide whether we should shred it, send it, open it and scan the inside of it so you can read your mail online.

This service will give you 24/7 access to your mail online, and lets us take care of unnecessary advertisements or junk mail for you.

Flexible shipping

Whether you’re touring national parks in your R.V. or sunbathing along the French Riviera, you can rest assured that DakotaPost has your mail covered.
Flexible plans mean it will be shipped to you where you’d like it once a month, twice a month, weekly or even daily on demand.

DakotaPost uses USPS, FedEx and DHL to ship your mail to you. Thanks to our easy-to-use client portal you can change your shipping address whenever you drop anchor somewhere new.

Paperless option available

DakotaPost offers a Virtual Mailbox Service you are going to love. We’ll send you an electronic scan of the outside of any packages and envelopes. You can then direct us to open and send a scan of the contents, forward it to you through traditional carriers, delete it from your mailbox or shred it. It’s the easy way to manage the amount of mail coming your way.

If you’re travelling full-time or part-time, are in the military, or just like to roam, DakotaPost has a solution to keep you connected to your mail.

Traditional Mail Forwarding FAQ's

+ Can I come into the office to pick up mail anytime you are open?

Absolutely!  We love to see our customers face to face! Our office hours are: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

+ What will my new address look like?

Your new address will be our physical street address with a unique PMB #.

John and Susan Doe
3916 N Potsdam Ave PMB1234
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-7048

+ How soon will you be able to send my mail after I request it?

Any requests made before 5 pm CST will be processed the same day and sent the following business day.
Example: I requested my mail at 4 pm CST Tuesday. It will be processed Tuesday and sent Wednesday.

Any requests sent after 5 pm CST will be processed the following business day then sent the next business day.
Example: I requested my mail Tuesday at 7 pm CST. It will be processed Wednesday and sent Thursday.

Any requests made after 5 pm CST Friday – Sunday will be processed Monday and sent Tuesday.

+ What shipping options are offered?

We ship via USPS, FedEx, and DHL.

+ What if I need to know if a piece of mail has arrived?

DakotaPost offers a Concierge Service that would be great for you. The cost is $24/year and with that DakotaPost will monitor your personal mailbox for a certain piece of mail that you are expecting. You can also call customer service at any time and ask them to go through the contents of your mailbox with you over the phone. If there is an important piece of mail that you need to see the contents of, we can help with that too. Concierge service also allows for you to have the contents of your mail scanned to you.

+ How can I request my mail?

You can request your mail online through your client portal, by emailing, or by giving us a call. With traditional mail forwarding, you have two mailing options.  

The first option is a 1 Time Only mailing request. This means we will send your mail 1 Time Only to the address you have requested, and then your mail goes on “hold” until you request it again.  

The second option is a Until Further Notice mailing request. This means that we will send to the requested address according to your mailing contract until you change your address with us.

+ Why choose Short-term Mail Forwarding?

This service is designed for those RVers, remote worker, and travel lovers who need a temporary mail forwarding solution rather than a permanent one.

Need more? We have a personal Mailbox Concierge option.

Only $24 /yr

How to sign up:
Give us call!

(605) 332-3711

What are the benefits?

If you are a traditional mail client who needs extra attention given to your mailbox, then Concierge Service is for you!

Call us anytime to see what is in your mailbox.
We will monitor your box for you if you are waiting for a specific item and notify you when it arrives.
If you need us to scan and email you the contents of your mail, we can do that as well.
This can also save you money as we can shred any mail items you don’t need saving you on postage.

What our amazing customers have to say!

Frank C

I'm incredibly impressed with how helpful and friendly the entire Dakota Post staff are

Ernie S

Courteous and competent staff. Very attentive to customer needs

Wayne and Diane H

“I was amazed at the personal care that the employees at DakotaPost showed when dealing with our absentee ballots this year.
Knowing they had thousands to handle it shocked me to know that they took the time to call and email with status on our ballots and ultimately got them delivered to us in a timely fashion.
This special care and extra touch that they showed is why we have remained a customer of DakotaPost over these many years. Their service level is outstanding!”

Edith B

I love the staff and their willingness to transport my mail to my location Nationwide as quickly as possible.

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