Why Use A Mail Forwarding Service USA To Dubai?

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Amber Hobert
Published on
March 6, 2023
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With a population of roughly more than 10 million that is growing quickly, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) leads the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which features the countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman in e-commerce.

According to reports, almost everyone in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has access to the internet and/or a mobile phone. This has helped e-commerce grow a lot in the area. If you often buy things from other countries but can't afford the shipping costs or the long wait for them to arrive, consider using a package or mail forwarding service.

You can get a free US postal address if you sign up with an international package forwarding service based in the US. You can use this US address to shop online, and they will ship your orders to you in the UAE.

Why Use Mail Forwarding Services USA to Dubai?

As you relocate to the United Arab Emirates from the United States, you may also wish to forward your mail. These services may forward your personal mail, bills, subscriptions, and business mail. Typically, a country's postal office will only forward mail for a short time, but a professional mail forwarder may do so for much longer.

Virtual mailboxes have all the benefits of mail forwarding, but they are more flexible than a PO box. They can be accessed anywhere worldwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and some of them have extra features like bill payment, check deposit, secure shredding, premium addresses, and more.

This could be very helpful for expats who run businesses from home or travel a lot for work. Additionally, you may employ a forwarding provider to retain your anonymity. This let's mail be sent to a public address, while mail sent to the United Arab Emirates is sent to a private address. This is especially advantageous for home-based enterprises.

Why Else Have Mail Forwarding USA To Dubai?

Saves you more money at US online stores

People worldwide are always drawn to US e-commerce sites because they offer a more comprehensive range of goods at lower prices. A similar item in the United Arab Emirates may cost more there.

You can shop at any US online store that does not accept overseas buyers by signing up with a US mail or package forwarding service provider, who will then provide you with a US address.


Some US retailers may charge exorbitant rates when sending packages internationally. However, if you order from a US-based retailer or web store, you can take advantage of more affordable international shipping options.

Reasonable shipping prices

Having a US address could help you save on shipping costs. If you use a mail forwarding service, they will collect your packages, repack them, and send them to your original address in the UAE at a discounted rate.

Rather than paying exorbitant import and export fees, you may have the goods delivered directly to your home in the UAE with their help.

Mail Forwarding Service Providers USA to Dubai


DakotaPost is a postal forwarding business based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The service comes with (at an extra cost) a virtual mailbox, cloud storage, free local pickup, mail scanning, and free and secure shredding. You will have online access to your mail around the clock through virtual mail forwarding.

You will log in to your online portal, examine your mail, and pick whether you want it shredded, sent, or opened and scanned so you can read it online. Setting up a home address and a virtual mailbox costs around $239 per year and roughly $25 to start. In addition, you must deposit between $50, $100, or $150 for mail forwarding services.

US Global Mail

This is a scanning service offered by the US Post Office. It includes a US mailing address, sending mail from the US to other countries, sending packages to other countries, and shopping in the US for customers in the UAE. US Global Mail offers shipping and mail forwarding services to regular visitors to the United Arab Emirates and people who live outside the country.

The value service from US Global Mail is for people who want to forward local or international mail on a set schedule. You can choose to get your mail every day (with guaranteed delivery on the same day), every week, bi-weekly, or every month. You can also choose the shipping company you like for letters and parcels.

US Global Mail Next lets you choose a set amount of insurance based on the product's retail or wholesale value or none at all. You can log in to your account at any time to see a complete list of the packages sent to you and track them right from their website. If you don't reside in the United States but still want to shop at US-based stores and websites, they can give you a US-based mailing address.

This is so you can buy from these stores and websites even if they don't ship internationally. The package or letter may be sent to the UAE when that is done. You may check your mail online using their web portal or do the following:

  • Check the sender's details, item, description, weight, and dimensions.
  • Regularly updated when new mail is received.
  • Easily discard unwanted stuff with only a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Keep tabs on your deliveries and see a record of your purchases in detail.

Earth Class Mail

They are a mail scanning service with a US PO Box. You may choose which items to dispatch to the UAE and which to throw away, and have your mail and packages delivered at any time, no matter where you are in the country.

You may have your mail and packages delivered to you, wherever you are in Dubai or any part of the UAE, anytime you like, and you can choose which items to send and which to reject.

Their services consist of the following:

  • United States street address for receiving mail and packages.
  • Option to examine the front and back of each piece of mail you get and also determine what, when, and where to send mail (FedEx and USPS options are available).
  • Send mail and packages to the addresses of your choosing.
  • Ship just what you need and recycle the remainder.
  • You get a single Beaverton, Oregon, street address with each Mail and Parcel Forwarding membership.

Their monthly plan costs $19.95 plus a one-time setup charge of $25. This includes: 

  • A single address and the ability to handle your mail and packages.
  • Fifty mail items each month (including envelope photos).

What you do with your mail affects your service prices. Even though it's always free to recycle your mail, there are costs associated with sending and receiving mail beyond what your contract says. Numerous other services are offered for additional fees.

These include extra packages received; cheque deposit; additional scan; packing; delivery (FedEx or UPS charge about $30 for an average shipment of 10 letters); additional storage; etc. All subscriptions are month-to-month; there are no long-term service commitments.

Use a Mail Forwarding Service Provider 

A mail forwarding service from the USA to Dubai can offer many benefits for individuals and businesses. It can give you a physical address to receive mail and packages and help you consolidate parcels and ship internationally.

With a mail forwarding service, you can stay connected to your mail and packages while you're away, whether traveling for business or pleasure. You can also save money by not paying expensive shipping and customs fees. Overall, using a mail forwarding service is a simple and low-cost option for people who live in Dubai but require a US address.

Get in touch with a mail forwarding or mailing service provider today to discuss how to set up mail forwarding from the US to Dubai. This will deliver value that far exceeds your investment.

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