Virtual Office Versus Mail Forwarding In South Dakota

Written by
Amber Hobert
Published on
August 14, 2023
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The Best Way To Receive Your Mail

If you love traveling, various beautiful places in South Dakota are great to visit. But how do you receive your mail and communicate with clients when on the move? There are two main ways; either opt for mail forwarding or set up a virtual office in South Dakota.

However, you'll only need a virtual office if you don't need the traditional office space. This blog will explore virtual offices, mail forwarding, and registered agents in South Dakota. This will help you decide on business mailing, virtual addresses, and much more. Let's get started.

What Is A Virtual Office?

Virtual offices are street addresses that you can rent. A virtual office is used to give a small business a corporate appearance and is managed by third parties. However, a virtual office provider is not the same as a PO Box shop, as the street address is more important than the PO Box. With a virtual office, you can meet clients and partners at a rented street address rather than meeting them at their homes.

Virtual Office Services

Virtual offices have several features similar to working in a physical office. Here are some of the services offered to clients:

  • A business address rather than that of a home address to receive, pickup, and/or forward mail.
  • A business telephone number. Calls to this number will be forwarded to your personal phone or voicemail.
  • Private offices and meeting rooms. Useful if you need an office-like space to meet clients, hold meetings, or share presentations.
  • Virtual assistant/receptionist to answer your calls and provide all services expected from an assistant.

Virtual office advantages

One of the reasons virtual offices are popular among entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses is because they offer amenities and lower overhead costs. A virtual office comes with a local phone number, a professional business address, mail-handling service, call-handling or receptionist service, and meeting and conference spaces that can be rented out.

Another advantage of a virtual office is the lack of an office lease, utility payments, or hardware.

Virtual office disadvantages

While a virtual office can offer helpful solutions, it has disadvantages that can be a severe problem for small business owners.

  • While a virtual office is an excellent alternative to traditional business address services, it can be more costly than other options.
  • The office space is empty and unutilized when a business owner is away from home, on vacation, traveling, and attending meetings.
  • You can't use the office space all the time. There is a limit on the hours you can meet in your day's office. This isn't an economically viable solution if you do not need physical space and only require a business address.

What Is Mail Forwarding?

Mail forwarding is a personal mailbox service that allows digital nomads, expats, travelers, and business owners to have a high-end address and get their mail forwarded. The mail is forwarded to your office or house, depending on your instructions. You can also authorize scanning and receiving mail through email.

Mail forwarding services

Mail forwarding companies act as the middleman between your clients, customers, or investors and your company. They provide you with a physical address that you can use as your new address. The service provider will notify your customers, investors, or partners of your new address anytime they send mail to you. You have two ways to receive your mail:

  • Have the mail physically sent to you.
  • Have the mail scanned and uploaded into a private client portal.

You can also set filters to prevent junk mail from reaching your inbox and to stop unwanted mail from being shipped.

Mail forwarding advantages and disadvantages

A mail forwarding service can be very beneficial. Since you will save a lot of time, money, effort, and storage space, it will enable you to do tasks more quickly. Additionally, it will help you secure your mail and personal information while maintaining the privacy of your house.

It will also improve customer satisfaction and make your company appear more professional. On the other hand, mail forwarding can be insecure if you send sensitive documents, depending on the mail forwarding service provider you work with.

Find The Best Mail Forwarding For Your Business

There are several mail forwarding companies in South Dakota. Any South Dakota resident will be challenged to select the ideal mail forwarding company. So, here are some things to consider.

How much does it cost to forward mail?

While you can use the free mail forwarding by USPS, having a permanent address where all your mail can be sent and forwarded is essential. However, a paid mail forwarding service is better for receiving quality services. Be aware of hidden charges or extra fees.

What can you forward?

Paying for a personal mailbox in South Dakota won't be ideal if you can't receive or send packages and parcels worldwide. For instance, you should know whether you can forward voter registration documents, vehicle insurance documents, vehicle registration documents, license plates, and corporate tax documents.

Will they allow you to use their address for billing?

Mail forwarding companies allow people to enjoy anonymity and secure them by providing them with street addresses rather than PO Box addresses. For instance, bills can only be sent to an actual address. If you're moving around the country, your mail must reach you.

Virtual Office VS. Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox comes with most of the features essential to the virtual office, including in-person mail addresses, a business address, and a local presence in a particular area or city. The major distinction is that a virtual mailbox cannot provide meeting rooms or business center services like a virtual office.

Virtual Office And Mail Forwarding Services In SD

Here are some of the four most popular service providers in South Dakota.


This mail forwarding company has a physical address in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It offers virtual mailbox services that include cloud storage, shredding, free local pickup, and having your mail scanned and uploaded to your secure client portal. All plans allow customers to see what mail comes into their personal mailbox daily, by uploading an image the front of each mail piece to your client portal.


This virtual office provider will help you increase your popularity among the residents of South Dakota. You'll have a business address, a live receptionist, and an office to meet your clients. It boasts numerous virtual office locations worldwide.

Davinci Virtual Offices

This is another virtual office provider with numerous office locations in South Dakota, including on West 22nd Street. They provide you with mail forwarding services, office greeters to welcome your clients, and conference space to meet up to 5000 people.

Americas Mailbox

This is another popular mail forwarder based in Box Elder, South Dakota. They're popular among digital nomads as they provide an easy and cheap way to ensure you don't lose a crucial mail or package when traveling.

Picking Between Virtual Office Or Mail Forwarding

When deciding which virtual business address is best for you, consider the requirements of your company and the industry you work in.

Virtual office space in South Dakota is ideal for businesses that:

  • Require a conference room to meet with customers and interact with clients.
  • Require assistance and professionalism of an office, such as receptionists, without hiring one.
  • They are looking for a home base for their local business.

On the other hand, mail forwarding, which personal mailbox providers offer, is ideal for businesses that:

  • Want to keep their personal data confidential.
  • It is a small-scale remote company.
  • Have owners that travel frequently.

Choose What Meets Your Needs

Virtual offices offer numerous advantages to start-ups but can be expensive. If you don't have the budget, opting for mail forwarding or a personal mailbox will solve the issue of physical office space.

Personal mailboxes are ideal for people who don't need an office but can manage their business remotely. You can attract more customers, establish credibility, and protect your privacy and personal information, all with the help of professional mail forwarders.

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