Best Reasons To Use A Mail Forwarding Service 

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Amber Hobert
Published on
July 9, 2024
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Mail Forwarding Explained

Operating a small business enterprise is difficult for the faint of heart. A small business requires all of your commitment, time, and, in many circumstances, funds to become viable, have a steady income, and be successful. Getting to think about the company mail and parcels is not something that small business entrepreneurs should deal with when they first start.

According to research studies, more than 52% of most small enterprises are run from home. Expenditure on pricey workspaces and pieces of equipment is frequently challenging when you are first establishing a business. New businesses are often searching for methods to save money. However, people fail to realize that the mail is costing their business more than they probably imagine.

This article will get into valid reasons why your company needs a mail or package forwarding service and clarify all the benefits it may provide. Mail forwarding is a service provided by companies that concentrate on establishing online offices using a virtual mailbox.

They essentially act as a broker between a firm and its consumers. Companies receive their mail at the online business address, which is processed and routed to their companies. Although the notion of a mail forwarding service is not new, many people are unaware of the benefits and detriments of utilizing one.

How Does Mail Forwarding Work?

Although the process varies from one provider to the next, the phases are typically the same:

  • Log in to your account with the forwarding service.
  • Go to the account manager and log in.
  • Go to the control panel or settings.
  • You'll see an option to integrate forwarders; choose it.
  • Enter the email ID where you wish to forward messages to other accounts in the "Address" or "Forward from" area.
  • In the "Destination" or "Forward to" area, type the email address to which the messages should be forwarded.

Companies that offer mail forwarding services act as a liaison between a company and its clients. Rather than your home address, you are given an actual, commercial location to use as your company address. You can then provide this address to your clients, investors, as well as business associates, and you can get packages and mail at such an address regularly.

When your mail arrives at the safe and roomy facilities, the company alerts you, and you request that it be sent to you. The most outstanding service providers, on the other hand, provide more than simple mailbox forwarding services. You are provided with mailbox concierge which enables you to manage your mail through activities such as scanning, storing, shredding, or recycling.

You may even establish filters to avoid receiving junk mail, ensuring that the mail firm is only forwarding mails that are critical to you. Now since you understand how this service functions, let's get into why you require mail forwarding services right now.

Do You Require Mail Forwarding for Your Business?

Mail and Package Convenience

Does your company need shipments regularly? Is it necessary to transmit important papers regularly? Dealing with this by yourself can be an inconvenience since you probably have a lot on your plate; after all, running a business is not a joke. You might constantly be seeking extra investors, staff, handling paperwork, and concentrating on fresh ideas.

Therefore, it is straightforward to understand how one additional item on your to-do list might be a disaster. What's more, it could become a nightmare if your delivery is delivered to the incorrect address! Moreover, you might not have the energy or time to travel to the local USPS office to collect your mail regularly, and you cannot stand to wait for it to be delivered to your door.

All of this will be handled for you if you subscribe to a mail forwarding service. They will keep your packages, organize them, and await your instructions to bring them to your door even if address changes have occurred. There is usually someone ready to sign for your shipment at mail forwarding companies, a competent supplier for sending mails and delivering as well as forwarding packages.

Your mail, as well as business shipments, will be securely held in high-tech premises until you want them to be delivered.

Mail Safety

Mail left unsecured in the mailbox might be hijacked, as can items brought to your home if left unattended. Identity theft is one thing no one ever dreams of dealing with, and it will take a significant amount of time and resources to recuperate from. Why leave such avenues open while you can eliminate them by employing a mail forwarding service?

Your mail will be stored in safe facilities, and the company does all it can to ensure that your items are always brought to your hands. This service also safeguards your personal information using powerful encryption and cutting-edge security procedures, so you will not have safety concerns.

Leaving your mail in the mailbox unsecured or your products out in the open might result in a robbery. Your identity can be jeopardized, and it will take several weeks, if not months, to recuperate, and getting assistance will be expensive. In terms of your shipments, unless you have protection on your items, you will have to register a complaint and wait for the matter to be resolved, or you might have to repurchase your stuff.

Therefore, why should mail be a source of concern in addition to your other company concerns? Mail forwarding service facilities have security, and only qualified and experienced staff manage your mail and parcels. For your protection, your personal information is well-protected behind locks and much more powerful encryption. Your mail will be treated with care and confidentiality all the time.

Fewer Expenses, More Time

Aside from the fees incurred if something terrible happens to your mail or goods, postal mail imposes a financial burden on any startup firm. You will either incur postal charges, costs on stamps, or delivery charges if it is not fuel funds for the weekly travel to the post office. You can save this money and use it for other expenses incurred in the office.

Not to mention the equipment required if you have a mailroom, such as a shredder, scanner, printer, and so on, is pretty expensive to purchase and maintain. And, how about all that additional room you will free up if you subscribe to a mail forwarding service? Generally, it's a virtual mailroom or mailbox service.

Through a digital mailbox, you may receive immediate postal mail scanning and forwarding services, as well as shredding, recycling, and archiving services simply by submitting a request. You now have more cash, extra precious time, and more room in your office! 

Maintain a Professional Appearance

With the majority of startups being home-based businesses, this only serves to develop an unprofessional perception for such companies. Clients often prefer to obtain services or goods from reputable firms which operate in an office rather than a home-based business. They are unconcerned with your rates. So, how can you remedy this?

Consider a far easier solution: a mail forwarding company before you rush out to hire an office or maybe even a virtual office. You will obtain an actual street address for the firm when you use a virtual mailbox. This location is usually in a high-end commercial district. As a result, you will provide a professional image to your consumers and even customers by employing it. This implies that you can effortlessly run your business without having to worry about mail or even how your business is perceived. You can even include the location in various things such as your website and business cards as an advertisement mechanism.

Protect Your Home Privacy 

When you subscribe to a mail forwarding service, your clients, investors, or partners can now send all business correspondences to your company address while your home address remains secret.

Your house should never be crowded with business, and you should never be shocked by a client visit because they assumed the address was your workplace. A corporate headquarters in a major city may also attract more business prospects, which is often positive.

A Paperless Environment 

A remarkable amount of your troubles will be eliminated as a result of doing all of your mailings online. For instance, never again will you misplace a crucial legal record and risk losing a customer or investor. Recall how many occasions you failed to shred or recycle and felt bad about it? Well, with mail forwarding services, your paper mail could be handled in an environmentally responsible manner with a single click.

This problem is solved by having all postal contact amongst you and your clients done online. A paperless workplace leads to higher productivity while also providing a clutter-free, paperless office.

Faster Customer Response Times 

Because your physical mail is now virtualized, you can access it from your laptop or phone at whichever time. This means that you will consistently be on the edge of crucial messages from clients or colleagues and will also be able to tackle them quickly. Quick client response times result in higher quality customer service, which increases your customer base and builds your company's reputation. 

Physical Storage Space 

Rather than utilizing your house to store your goods, products, and mail, mail forwarding provides free storage space lasting up to 30 days following the receipt of your shipment. If you still require the space after the 30 days lapse, it is available for a nominal monthly price. Stop utilizing your house or garage like a storage facility. After all, no one enjoys a cluttered environment.

No Address Change 

When you subscribe to a mail forwarding service, you need only to register for a transfer of address once, and afterward, the address is all yours forever. Clients will be confused if your company’s address changes whenever you relocate or change offices.

Therefore, getting a virtual mailbox allows you to have a safe and consistent postal address without having to go through several address changes. Furthermore, after the company gets your items, they can mail them to you wherever you are (regional and abroad delivery). It does not only have to be your residential address.

A Mailbox for Your Employees 

When you subscribe to mail forwarding services, you can have a few users with only one account. If you have freelancers, distant staff, and contractors, they can always get mail at your company's address as well.

Should You Use Temporary or Permanent Mail Forwarding Services?

The answer is based on the following factors: 

  • Are you an expert going abroad?
  • Are you relocating cities inside the United States?
  • Are you relocating inside the same city?
  • Are you relocating permanently or temporarily?

The ideal answer is to obtain a permanent address that you will never have to alter again, regardless of how many times you move.

Choosing a Mail Forwarding Service

Using a competent mail forwarding service to manage your mail is a wise decision. This is because it will ensure that you receive your mail on schedule and provide you with peace of mind. But, with so many possibilities available, how can you pick the perfect mail forwarding company for you? Making this decision requires you to make a lot of considerations to ensure that you choose the mail service provider that works best for you.

Below are a few crucial factors to consider before actually deciding on a mail forwarding provider. You'll be bombarded with alternatives, which promise the stars and the moon in terms of services, outcomes, and perks. Therefore, ask yourself the questions below to make an informed decision:

  • What is the cost of mail forwarding?
  • Is it possible to forward your mail for free? 
  • Is it expensive to forward your mail?
  • Is the firm trustworthy?
  • What items can you send or not send internationally?
  • What is the current exchange rate?
  • What will you be sending?
  • Does the service enable you to utilize their billing address?
  • What is the quality of their client service?
  • What could the provider require of you?

When looking for a mail forwarding service, you should not be afraid to ask questions and express your concerns. Whatever works for someone else may not suit you. What one firm provides as part of its delivery fee may or may not apply to you. There are several alternatives regarding mail forwarding services available.

Choosing the best one for you might be a difficult process. Therefore, ensure that you compare and contrast the companies to determine which one is best for you.

Changing Your Address

When changing your current address, you have two choices:

Permanent Address Change

Your previous address will be updated in USPS's system to your new one. Any mail sent to your old address will be sent to your new location. This is a change that will last indefinitely. When moving abroad or if you want to retain the same address for the rest of your life, it is an excellent idea to use it.

You will never have to stress about altering your address again. You should acquire a Virtual Mailbox as a result of this adjustment, so you can move to as many houses or countries as you like without ever altering your permanent address.

Temporary Address Change

This approach allows you to change your address for a period ranging from two weeks to six months. After the change-of-address period has expired, USPS will no longer forward your mail from the old to the new address. Unless you renew the forwarding service, the mail will begin to be sent to your former address. You can repeat this process for another six months.

USPS does not specify what occurs after six months; however, you could do it indefinitely if you wanted to. Expect delays in the mail during the change of address procedure, owing to the inefficiency of the US postal system. On the plus side, USPS provides this service for free.

Leaving the United States

The United States Postal Service will forward mail overseas for a fee. You can sign up for the USPS abroad mail forwarding service for around $21.10 in person or about $19.35 if you sign up online. For each week of service, there is an additional charge of around $21.10.

The monthly fee for the service is about $84.40. You will also be responsible for the postage for all Priority Mail products, which will be shipped as soon as USPS receives them. It is not a cost-effective method of forwarding mail internationally.

Why is a 1583 Form Required for a Mail Forwarding Service? 

The 1583 form is mostly for your safety. A mail forwarding company cannot legally handle your mail without the necessary paperwork. As a result, if they do not have your approval, USPS will not permit them to.

Time it Takes to Forward Mail to a New Address

Apart from taxes, the only thing guaranteed in life is that people will continue to move in the foreseeable future. According to statistics, around 35.5 million Americans move from one location to another each year. This article has already gone over what mail forwarding is or why you should think about it while relocating.

However, because time is money, you might want to start the mail forwarding as soon as possible, depending on your transfer date. It will take more or less 10 to 15 days for your mail to arrive in your Virtual Mailbox once you have completed your online application with the USPS. Keep in mind that you will also have to fill out a 1583 Form, which authorizes USPS to handle and manage your letter.

Mail Forwarding is Good for Your Business

Employing a mail forwarding service could be quite beneficial to your small business. For starters, it could assist you in getting tasks done quickly by saving you time, money, energy, as well as storage space. Second, it will assist you in keeping your house private while also protecting your mail and private information.

Lastly, it will give your company a more professional appearance which will, in turn, deliver a better client experience. Therefore, before settling for a mail forwarding service provider, take your time to weigh your selections; attempt to dive into the specifics and discover what each company has to provide and if it is a good fit for you.

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